DIYPhotography funding information

DIYPhotogeraphy is made possible through the generous support of our funders. We want to be transparent about how we can maintain this publication and share our significant funding sources and general funding policies.  

Our significant sources of funding are as follows:

Revenue from Advertisements: 

A portion of our funding comes from the advertisements displayed on our blog. We work closely with our advertising partners to ensure that the ads are relevant, unobtrusive, and respectful of our readers’ time and attention. Among others, we are affiliated with Amazon, B&H, and earn revenue from Google (and similar) ad suppliers.

Company Sponsorships:

Every once in a while, we will collaborate with leading companies in the photo-video industry to allow us to cover a tradeshow, review a product, or produce a piece of content. While those companies may support the publication financially, they have zero (none, nada, zilch) influence over the content, ensuring that our work remains independent and unbiased. We will always be transparent when a company sponsors an activity on the blog.

In-Kind Support:

Sometimes, we receive in-kind support from leading brands, who provide valuable resources such as equipment, software, or services that assist us in producing content. As with any sponsorship, we will ensure it is clear when a company makes such a sponsorship.  

A wall between advertising and editorial content

A primary goal for DIYPhotogfraphy is to remain authentic and honest about our editorial coverage. We keep a Chinese wall between our editorial team and our sales. Our reviews are never paid. For other types of content, if a brand pays us for coverage, they only get to see the piece once it is published. Obviously, they have no editorial control.

Keeping this separation is crucial to us as a brand and is at the base of our journalism ethics. We will never trade honesty for money.

If you want to work with us, please check out this page.

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