Hasselblad 907X & CFV 100C combo doubles image size to 100-megapixels

Jan 24, 2024
John Aldred

Hasselblad has announced its 907X and CFV 100C digital back combo (buy here). Replacing the 907X and CFV II 50C combo, it doubles the resolution…

Vwfndr Keirin is a very pretty panoramic camera that doesn’t exist… yet!

Jan 16, 2024
John Aldred

This is an interesting one that currently appears to be in the concept stage, although prototypes are apparently on the way. It’s a team-up between…

Mint’s upcoming compact film camera is an AF version Rollei 35

Jan 16, 2024
John Aldred

Mint has finally announced its upcoming compact film camera. Its development was announced a year ago, although they didn’t give out much information at the…

Nexus G1 is a Pocket 6K rehoused in a box camera

Jan 11, 2024
John Aldred

Box-style cameras have become quite popular amongst many filmmakers. While they may initially seem limited compared to their mirrorless counterparts, they can actually be much…

Sony A9 III: The trade-off for Global Shutter is image quality, a report

Jan 5, 2024
John Aldred

There’s been a lot of fuss made about the Sony A9 III (buy here). Given that it’s the first mirrorless camera to come with a…

Constructing the world’s smallest and lightest full-frame mirrorless camera

Jan 4, 2024
John Aldred

Sigma’s fp remains the smallest and lightest full-frame mirrorless camera across all manufacturers. And Sigma doesn’t require caveats to make that claim. And while many…

Nikon tops the lists for Map Camera’s best-selling cameras and lenses of 2023

Jan 3, 2024
John Aldred

Japanese camera retailer Map Camera has released its report on its best-selling cameras and lenses of 2023. Surprisingly, perhaps, Nikon managed to top both lists….

Canon EOS R5 C Review: two brilliant cameras in one body

Dec 28, 2023
Alex Baker

The Canon EOS R5 C ($3,799.00) was launched in 2022, so it’s been around for a while now. However, a recent firmware upgrade has made…

Build this interchangeable lens DIY Raspberry Pi Zero camera

Dec 22, 2023
John Aldred

Ever since Raspberry Pi released the Raspberry Pi High Quality Camera Module (buy here), we’ve seen a flurry of 3D-printed cameras based on it. It’s…

Watch: 90 seconds of Insta360 beating the heck out of Ace Pro action cameras

Dec 21, 2023
John Aldred

It’s always fascinating to see products going through durability testing. This one from Insta360, though, is particularly satisfying. It’s 90 seconds of the Insta360 Ace…