James Webb Telescope photos featured on postage stamps

Jan 23, 2024
Alex Baker

Stamp collectors in the US might want to schedule a trip to their local post office and pick up a set of these beautiful stamps…

IAPY 2023 contest winners showcase India’s enchanting astrophotography

Dec 27, 2023
Dunja Djudjic

The year’s ending, and we’ve seen plenty of splendid photos from various contests. But don’t think it’s over – we have one more stunning contest to show you. It’s the “Aperture” Indian Astrophotographer of the Year 2023, and it has announced the 2023 winners, showcasing the incredible talent and dedication of India’s astrophotographers.

This celestial “Christmas Tree” is our galaxy wishing you happy holidays

Dec 21, 2023
Dunja Djudjic

Astronomers have unveiled a stunning new image of NGC 2264, a cluster of young stars nicknamed the “Christmas Tree Cluster.” They even made it twinkle, so it looks like it has fairy lights all over it. Well isn’t this perfect timing for a photo like this?

Ring in the holidays with this new close-up image of Uranus

Dec 21, 2023
Alex Baker

The James Webb telescope has captured a magnificent new view of Uranus, which shows a detailed view of its rings in full glory. The image…

The Pentax K-1 II gets new astrophotography features

Dec 14, 2023
Sagiv Gilburd

If you like astrophotography, you may want to know that another firmware update for the Pentax K-1 II ($1896) was released. The update made some…

The Geminid meteor shower is the strongest of the year, get ready to shoot it this week

Dec 12, 2023
Dunja Djudjic

The Geminids, the strongest meteor shower of the year, is just around the corner! This dazzling display is scheduled to peak on the night of Wednesday, December 13, into the early morning hours of Thursday, December 14. It’s cold, I know, but let me try and convince you why you should witness this spectacular show.

Photographer took over 200,000 shots for this stunning 8k annular solar eclipse timelapse

Nov 27, 2023
Dunja Djudjic

Last month, an annular solar eclipse was visible over the United States and Central and South America (and from space). Astrophotographer Jason Kurth captured it…

Euclid space telescope unveils its first stunning images

Nov 8, 2023
Alex Baker

The Euclid telescope has sent back its first images directly from its ‘Dark Universe’ mission. The telescope is part of the European Space Agency‘s (ESA)…

Photographer captures the aurora, STEVE, Milky Way, and a shooting star in one photo

Nov 7, 2023
Alex Baker

The Northern Lights, or aurora borealis, have been creating quite a display this week. In fact, the dazzling phenomena have lit up skies much further…

New Hubble UV image shows Jupiter as we’ve never seen before

Nov 6, 2023
Dunja Djudjic

The NASA Hubble Space Telescope has treated us with another gorgeous image. This time, it has shown us Jupiter in a totally different light. It’s a “different light,” both figuratively and literally: Jupiter doesn’t only look different than what we’re used to, but the shot was also taken using ultraviolet light.