travel photography

What sets a photographer apart from someone who just takes photos?

Jan 24, 2024
Alex Baker

If you’re like me, then photography is not just your job, it’s your hobby. Even though I don’t specialise in travel or street photography, whenever…

Dreamy landscapes in Tuscany wins 2023 Travel Photographer of the Year

Jan 22, 2024
Dunja Djudjic

From breathtaking landscapes to thought-provoking portraits, the 2023 Travel Photographer of the Year (TPOTY) awards winners have been announced. For the second year in a…

Photo Scout app is your landscape photography assistant in your pocket

Sep 29, 2023
Alex Baker

Step aside Photo Pills, there’s a new photography app in town. Cascable’s new app, Photo Scout, claims to change the game for photographers. Instead of…

From Taj Mahal to Eiffel Tower, these are the most “instagrammable” spots in the world

Aug 24, 2023
Dunja Djudjic

Have you ever wondered what the most photographed places in the world are? Places that will make your friends the most jealous if you visit…

The power of revisiting and photographing familiar locations

Aug 24, 2023
Andrea Livieri

Revisiting a location you have previously photographed is one of the best tricks up a photographer’s sleeve. Not only does it allow you to revisit…

Mirrorless cameras shatter sales records as overseas travel soars

Aug 8, 2023
Alex Baker

Shipments of mirrorless single-lens cameras are breaking records, with sales up 20% in the first half of 2023. The surge is apparently driven by several…

How to enjoy your family vacation AND get great photos

Jul 27, 2023
Alex Baker

The summer season is well and truly upon us, and many photographers will be heading off on vacation with their pride and joy. Many will…

This is why you never take “hot” passport photos

Jun 7, 2023
Dunja Djudjic

I don’t think any of us is particularly happy with how we look in our passport pictures: pale, lifeless, and way too serious. You may…

I shot these epic landscapes with my iPhone, I will never go back to shooting with a camera

May 5, 2023
Maciej Blaszczuk

In 2010, when Apple released the iPhone 4, it sparked a debate on whether a smartphone could replace a camera. At that time, professional photographers…

Explore Barcelona in this photography inspired board game

Apr 11, 2023
Alex Baker

If you can’t get enough of photography and have always hankered after a trip to Europe, then this photography inspired board game might be just…