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  At GraphTECH Design, Inc. we pride ourselves in our ability to assist you in meeting all of your USPTO or client deadlines and we are accustomed to working under such conditions.

With the abilities and talent of our staff and the latest hardware and software technologies balanced with inking on drawing boards- we also have the capability and capacity to support 24 hour turnaround requests for an additional fee.

Whether your request is Formal, Informal, Foreign, C.I.P., Petitioned for Photograph or Color Inclusion, Divisional, Provisional or Non-Provisional- we are here to meet you’re your needs, and fully understand the requirements to do so.

Our firm is experienced in working with the largest national IP Law firms with multiple locations to the smallest IP boutique firms, from the Partner level to Interns and Associates. Many of the firm Partners we work with have groups of Associates and Interns that they refer to us, as we take pride in working with IP professionals less experienced with Patent Drawings.

We take care in further educating Associates and Interns in the fine details required in producing accurate drawings that will not only meet the examiner's requirements- but will also impress your clients as well.

While conforming to USPTO 37 C.F.R. 1.84, 1.152, 1.165, 2.53 and 2.54 requirements as well as PCT and foreign filing rules- our average turnaround time is 7 business days. Our turnaround remains consistent while maintaining an extraordinary level of accuracy and attention to detail.